Evan Aldo's Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Course

The course includes everything a new trader needs to know to effectively use the Market Cipher indicator. It includes 10 video lessons with textual summaries. It also highlights Evan’s main trading strategy, which he believes could be the most successful Market Cipher strategy ever discovered.

This course includes everything a new trader needs to know for placing winning cryptocurrency trades with good risk management. Evan goes in detail on how to effectively interpret the Market Cipher indicator. The course also highlights how to hedge your bets with trading by taking partial profits and setting multiple stop losses. The course also details trading psychology and the proper mindset to have when trading, which Evan believes is the primary reason why the majority of traders fail.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for beginners and will teach you to trade without emotion and follow a strategy in order to win over time!

For A One-Time Payment of $299.99 You Get Lifetime Access to:

Lesson 1: TradingView

Lesson 2: Market Cipher A

Lesson 3: Market Cipher B

Lesson 4: Fibonacci Retracement

Lesson 5: Spider-Lines

Lesson 6: Evan’s Main Trading Strategy and Variations

Lesson 8: When to Take Profits

Lesson 7: Stop Losses, and Determining What Leverage to Use

Lesson 9: Trading Psychology and Risk Management

Lesson 10: How to Use Leverage Exchanges

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